Who am I?


Chef Diablo (full)

      I believe in creating a masterpiece using simple flavors components, simple technique and simple ingredients that when combined produces a work of deliciousness to the palette and art to the eyes.  I want the person that is about to eat the dish to recognize the technique and components that were put into it; and not whip out their smartphone and google what is in my dishes.

     At a young age I gained the desire to cook from watching my mom. She would take her classic Caribbean dishes up notch from its traditional ingredients. I told her my interest in cooking and she showed me how to cook, but she was a flavor cook not a recipe cook so trying to mimic it was quite difficult. So, I started looking up recipes and trying out other cuisines and let the Caribbean dishes to her.

As my desire for cooking grew at fifteen, I wanted to jump into the culinary world, it wasn’t easy. An opportunity came up and I was offered a job as a dishwasher, kept it for about three months and was moved to the line, when the kitchen manager seen my desire to learn. Cooking has to be a passion, you have to want to cook, or it will be just a job to you, and you can bet customers will recognize the difference. Two ingredients you can’t find anywhere and is in all chef’s dishes that makes them stand out from the rest are Love and Desire.

I was pushed to go to culinary school by people that recognized this is what I wanted to do, so I attend the French Culinary institute in New York City. After School I went to gain a job with one of my mentors Chef Enzo Neri, his technique was superb. Chef Enzo had a different style of cooking where he created dishes with finesse, and each step were organized sort of like a game of chess; and the Completion of the dish was checkmate. During that time, I met my other mentor Antonio Marcus Vargas, whom took the time out to break down the do’s and don’ts of the kitchen, and pushed me to increase my speed, which took me from a cook’s mentality for getting dishes out to a chef’s mentality; to understanding why I am putting dishes out.

My careers in the culinary world had it ups and downs, at one point it hit a wall. I started loosing my craving to cook and create, as a chef that’s a no no. I met and worked besides Jay Medford, who pushed me and showed me to have fun with food. Working with Chef Jay, was hands down the best time I had in the kitchen. From that point on, I jump back into the culinary arts with a lesson learned, have fun in the kitchen, have fun with food. When you have fun with food, you can create wonderful dishes. The experience I had working with Chef Jay Medford, was the best part of my career.

Throughout my career I learned Polish, American, Italian, French and good old southern cuisines. Not only I am a chef I am also a Computer Engineer, so I decided to take both and combine them. I am taking the experience of the professional kitchen and figuring out how technology will take the professional kitchen to the next level. We are headed into an age of technology, so why not use technology to take food to the ultimate level, and surpass our limits as chefs…